We accept these payment methods.

Credit Card & Debit Cart Payment
We accept Visa & Mastercard debit and credir card payments. Payments made through SSL secure page. Unfortunately we don't have Paypal for credit card payment. It is explained at last section of this article.

Bank Transfer
You can send funds directly to our bank account. Here information

  • BANK Information: TEB Bank
  • Country: Turkey
  • City: Istanbul
  • Swift Code: Tebutris127
  • IBAN:  TR380003200000000026995986

Important: When you are sending funds please don't add JSumo name. Jsumo is our brand name but not company or account name. 

Western Union

We accept payments with also Western Union. You need to send money to our Manager info. Here:

  • Name Section: Fırat Faris Abdullah Dede (3 Name, 1 Surname)
  • City: Istanbul
  • Country: Turkey

  • Why We Don't Have Paypal?

Unfortunately Paypal is closed it's all processes for Turkey due to political issues. You can read more info here:
We are very sorry for this situation. We hope in future it will be solved. But until solution. You can trust our website sure.