1. Apply voltage to board. We uploaded Test code inside.
  2. Dipswitch 1 opens motors, back & forward. Dipswitch 2 opens User Led Toggle and Dipswtich 3 and button changes which led blinking.
  3.  Download the Xmotion library from jsumo.com/xmotion
  4. #include <xmotion.h> 
  5. Start from basic example codes, and turn page for description of each element

Xmotion Functions Cheat Sheet

  • xmotion.UserLed1(time_ms); // Blinks User Led 1 in time_ms interval.
  • xmotion.UserLed2(time_ms); // Blinks User Led 2 in time_ms interval.
  • xmotion.ToggleLeds(time_ms); // Toggles both user Leds in time_ms interval.
  • xmotion.CounterLeds(time_ms, int Multiplier); // Toggles both user leds in time ms interval for multiplier time.
  • xmotion.Trimpot(); // Gives analog value data (0 to 1023) of trimpot.
  • xmotion.VoltageIn(); // Gives voltage real value data in float.
  • xmotion.LipoCutOff(int Cell); // Makes cut off function for cell count lipo.
  • xmotion.Forward(%Percent,Time_ms); // Makes both motor forward in % percent with time_ms declared.
  • xmotion.StopMotors(Time_ms); // // Makes both motor stop until time_ms declared.
  • xmotion.Backward(%Percent,Time_ms); // Makes both motor backward in % percent with time_ms declared.
  • xmotion.Right0(%Percent,Time_ms);  // Makes  left motor forward and right motor backward in % percent with time_ms declared.
  • xmotion.Left0(%Percent,Time_ms);  // Makes right motor forward and left motor backward in % percent with time_ms declared.
  • xmotion.ArcTurn(%LeftPercent,%RightPercent,Time_ms); // Makes both motor variable speeds in % speed with declared time value.
  • xmotion.MotorControl(LeftValue,RightValue); // Raw motor speeds from left motor to right motor between -255 to 255. Minus (-) values means backward.

Pin Table

Arduino PinFeatureArduino PinFeature
D0FreeD11Right Motor PWM (Speed)
D1FreeD12Left Motor Direction
D2FreeD13Right Motor Direction
D3Left Motor PWM (Speed)A0Voltage Sensor
D5Dipswitch 1 InputA2Free 
D6Dipswitch 2 InputA3Trimpot
D7Dipswitch 3 InputA4Free
D8User Led 1 OutputA5Free
D9User Led 2 OutputExtra D15Free, RX written, MOSI
D10Button & Start Pin InputExtra D16Free, TX written, SCK